shape shifter

The energetic shape-shifter

Clothing has developed over time, and recently it has seen a new level of innovation. There are clothes that detect the temperature of the surrounding and heat up, but this sort of technology is only the tip of the iceberg. There are many projects underway that are looking to transform the fashion industry entirely. The point that needs to be understood is that clothing used to be defined by fashion experts who had a long understanding of setting trends but these days trends are being started by new age startups and research facilities. The project that is going to be discussed in this article is being executed by a Canadian University, and the potential is said to be limitless. Here in this article, we will be looking at the “Karma Chameleon Project”.

shape shifter

The Karma Chameleon project is being undertaken by the University of Concordia; the university has some of the leading experts in Canada and is located in Montreal. The project is said to take the world by storm. Although the project looks extremely promising; it could take years before the product is released to the market. There are clothes that are available that have sensors present on them to detect temperature changes, but this project takes things further by embedding the electronic assets and sensors into the fabric itself. In other words, the fabric itself is being changed here, and this is being treated as a new material altogether. The fabric is created by creating layers upon layers of polymer that have the electronic assets sown into them; thus opening up the possibilities. The material is compact but is stretched so that the material properties interact with electrical assets that are sown into the fabric.

The project requires a lot of funding, and for the time being, there are prototypes available. The cost of production of such fabric is a huge stumbling block for researchers to overcome. Experts suggest that it will take around 25 years before it becomes feasible for large-scale production. But the news coming out of Concordia University is not all doom and gloom; the fabric is set to be able to change shape and be able to produce energy. Production of energy can be the first step to having people charge their phones by simply wearing the clothing that has the complex fabric and for starters changing shape can be a great instrument to have when we look at the defence and military opportunities of the fabric.

About the author: Leo Stone